Week 6 370 Jay St Part 1

Jan 06, 2020

My memo is uploaded here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kh8XdWQaNi8N80ZJGU10dgjvPUfCrC7l/view?usp=sharing

Mapping ver 1

I started this assignment from just listing some components related to IDM. After listing, I categorized them into some categories. Based on my mapping, IDM is composed of following components: People, Space, Function, Guidance, Others.

  • People

    Anybody who possibly uses IDM space like IDM students, other program's students, profs, faculties, visitors, etc

  • Space

    Spaces we currently have in IDM like labs, lounges, kitchen, toilet, classrooms, etc

  • Function

    What for people use this space; study, communication, events, class, research, relax, etc

  • Guidance

    Not exactly sure if I have this component as an independent one, but guidance is about how to access IDM's space easily, like floor map and reception

  • Other components

    Some other things we have in IDM space, like vending machines, tables, chairs, white boards, monitors, cups, spoons, etc

Walk through IDM

Next I walk through IDM space to observe by taking some photos. I started from the entrance of the building, then took elevator/stairs to the 3rd floor, and walked through IDM. Here are some things I noticed (for some, I assumed myself as not an IDM student but a stranger to the building):

  • Not sure which floor is for what. What is on 2nd, 4th, 5th,,, floor? No sign.
  • On 3rd floor, no clear sign if this floor is actually IDM's or not.
  • No IDM floor map. How I can go to the room I want to go?
  • No nice waiting space for visitors at the reception. If I am from a company for funding or examinee for some research, I won't feel great about this situation.
  • Where is a restroom?

The points above are mainly from outsider's viewpoint. Here are some other points from insider's (student's) viewpoint.

  • How to use Kitchen? No rule? Sometimes dirty. Cups are left in the sink.
  • Curious what each lab is doing. Feels very closed/secret.
  • What equipments are available for students?
  • Isn't it easier way to know profs’ office hour?
  • No electricity saving. Some lights seem always on even in the night when there is nobody in the floor.
  • etc

Stakeholder's map ver 1


Other floors

It must be good to observe other floors too. I will look through when time allows, maybe sometime next week.

One thing to keep in mind

Never forger: Who uses this space for what, how, and when? What problems/needs do people have?


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