Week 3 Time Capsule Part 1

Jan 05, 2020

Time capsule

(1) Steal like an artist


(2) My favorite 99 songs


(3) Letter

“Hi, it's great that you find my time capsule. You'll find a book Steal Like An Artist and my favorite 99 songs. Why did I choose them? This is a letter to explain why. Let me tell you my story. I like music and I play the drums, but I have never written a song. So what I'm gonna do is to write my first song by stealing ideas from 99 great artists and add it to my 100th favorite song! I'm probably dead when you read this, but (I hope!) my song will remain somewhere somehow and you can listen to it. Or you can write your own song and play it super loud so that I can hear it!” Keita, September 24th 2019.

My process

I had a really fun moment in my process! That is, the power of physical book.

At first, I did brainstorm as usual and got bunch of ideas. Then I picked up some ideas from them: I'm probably dead when people find my time capsule, I want to put something not important yet kind of fun item, the concept of time in the future would be different from that of now (I did not use this idea but it is something I want to think about more actually), future world would be super advanced or totally collapsed, I want to put “ME” essence somehow because it is my time capsule but not too “ME” for people to get bored, etc. But I could not decide which way to go.

It was a night of September 23rd Monday, a day before the assignment due, amazon delivered a book I ordered (and I totally forgot about it) which was Steal Like An Artist. I started reading and suddenly came up with an idea: why not using this concept? It was such a nice moment that my action of reading a physical book inspired me somehow and connected some random unorganized ideas into one idea. After that, everything was really easy.

In this assignment, I was able to do the followings:

  • Using the concept of remix I learned in the class
  • Putting “ME” essence by choosing 99 songs
  • Pushing myself to write a song in the future which I always wanted to do but have never done yet (I can try what I wanted to do and finish my assignment as well!)
  • Getting people who find my time capsule involved (as I tried the same in my first assignment)

I know I can sophisticate this idea more. Or it is possible that it would be not as great idea as I thought when looking back in the future. But that's the reason I'm writing this process website.

My memo was uploaded here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cUpL5i4S9PNSgSL4GKw9WY7rBaVG8xaN/view?usp=sharing


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