Week 3 Module 3 and 4

Jan 05, 2020

Read module 3 and module 4.

Module 3

It is about exploring different models of creativity and process. It is interesting to find out that this module has a lot in common what I learned in entrepreneurship class! (If you are interested, we use How to Build a Startup in Udacity as a textbook)

For example, “standing on the shoulders of others” implies you do your business based on technology/market/etc developed by others. The idea of “process driven: not define your goal” is similar to the process of, not setting the solution first, but setting hypothetical problems, interviewing customers, refining the problems, testing the hypothesis, refining the problems again,,, till you find the right solution.

Module 4

I want to try Storyboard and Mood-board because I almost never tried them before.


Week 3 Time Capsule Part 1

Week 3 After Class