Week 2 Watch Everything Is a Remix

Jan 05, 2020

I watched a series of videos, Everything Is A Remix.

I do not want to spend time to explain the idea but simply it is about, as its title said, everything is a remix. There are three methods of remix; copy, transform, and combine. It is a way to update/reboot/refine/etc familiar materials/things/themes and add new flavor to them. And I basically agree with his idea.

My note is uploaded here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14o4VXJzGjWTOwKDSvg1aRZeOTX0zSoAO/view?usp=sharing

I also want to write down some quick thoughts.

  1. The guy, Kirby Ferguson, he himself remixes his work. He makes living by studying/talking about/selling the idea of remix and he keeps remixing his work. Remix is his business and that's pretty interesting!

  2. About Genre. Why do we have so many genres? Is is because of people's instinct that we want to categorize everything? or because of money that music company and critics can earn more money by giving a new label to music? Let's say, music genre. There are many genres of music; classic, jazz, rock, metal, etc. And inside metal, there are power-metal/speed-metal/melodic-metal/death-metal/doom-metal/etc… So many genres and sub-genres!

Are creators interested in genres or they don't care or they don't like it? How about consumers? marketers? merchandisers? companies? Mmm, need to think about it more deeply.


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