Week 12 City as Site Part 3

Jan 08, 2020

This week, I have done 2 things; (1)more interview and (2)organizing my 1st event.


I did 2 more interviews for faculties this week (total 14 interviews so far; 3 faculties, 1 staff, 10 students. See details here). The same as students, faculties have problem with their lunch. Based on my interview, faculties care more about their health and food choices, yet they are too busy to eat what they want to eat. Even when they try to eat out/takeout healthy food, they still feel restaurant food is salty and oily.

The other thing I found by interviewing faculties is they are willing to share their knowledge/experience. I was able to gain some knowledge regarding food in NY such as [P]ark Slope Food Coop](https://www.foodcoop.com/), Food related artist, The New Yorker's article about NY food situation, some faculty I can talk to, etc. It was an good opportunity to talk with faculties in terms of expanding my knowledge related to this food project.

1st Event

I had my first lunch event on 11/26 (Tue), Miso Soup Lunch. I only invited my classmates because I want the event to be small for my first step, but it ended up a few people out side of class also joined. In total, 6 people enjoyed my soup (3 from class, 3 from non-class). I charged $2 for a soup so I got 6 people * $2 = $12 for this event, and my cost was about $6 in total. It was nice that I did not lose money in terms of sustainability.

To prepare for the event, I needed some cookwares. First I asked Scott if IDM could buy some cookwares for an event. I sent him a list of things and am waiting for his reply.

Meanwhile, I borrowed an electrical pot from my friend. I kept record of my costs and decided to charge $2 for soup.

My next steps are to collect a feedback from participants and have 2nd lunch event during the semester.

For feedback, I am planning to send them online survey, not doing an interview. It is because (1) I already have some kind of connection between surveyees (I know them, they know me) so that I expect them to fill out the survey more seriously (2) I wanted to try how I can utilize survey (coming up with suitable questions for survey) (3) I can do interview for them anytime if needed.

My 2nd lunch event would be sometime before the final class :-)


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