Week 1 Self Portrait Idea 2

Jan 05, 2020

I video-recorded my drum play the other day. After leaving the studio, I had some thoughts about it, like I should have done spend more time and tried different styles, rhythms, angles, etc. But that's what it is and study learned for my future projects.

Next thing is how to show/exhibit my self-portrait. Initially, I thought I would use this blog to upload my self-portrait; uploading the video on youtube, embedding it in my blog and the drum score as well like the following:


But I changed my mind mainly because I want only my self-portrait to be seen. That is, this page is my blog page which contains a lot of other information like the links to other posts, header, footer, etc, and those information are unnecessary for my self-portrait.

So I decided to make a simple static webpage for my self-portrait. It is taking some time to setting the domain and server and a bit frustrating, but it is a learning process.

The other idea I came up but did not take was, to zip html file, video data (me playing the drums), and image data (drum score), and people download/save them on their local PC and watch them. I liked this idea because it makes people to “actively taking some effort” to see my portrait, not just easily go to the website and see it. The problem is, however, it requires PC because you cannot unzip and see them via smartphone/tablet and I'm assuming not every people use PC.

Yet, actually, I still like this idea. I like the idea that people have to take some effort to see my portrait, using a certain device, downloading/un-zipping/opening certain file by themselves. I might choose this idea. I will think about it for some time today.

Here is my note. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1owKOkIcuKcDflXyru5zg2nAxbMoGVYt5/view?usp=sharing

ADDED: I successfully uploaded my self-portfolio here: https://bick.xsrv.jp/selfportrait/selfportrait.html. I feel it is more interesting for me to let people download the file itself rather than they just go to see the website, so I'm going to do that.


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