Process Website for Dm6053 Ideation and Prototyping

Jan 05, 2020

A series of my blog posts tagged as DM6053 is going to be my process website for DM6053 Ideation and Prototyping at NYU IDM in 2019 Fall.

The purpose of a process website is:

・Review & Reflect Process documentation allows you to review and reflect on the iterative journey of your ideas and their physical manifestations over time. Being able to do this is vital when you’re seeking to refine your process.

・Save Ideas for Future Projects Process documentation can often be the catalyst for future projects that derive from some unexplored thread in the original idea.

・Recapture Process documentation captures previous points in the life of a creative work—points that you may need to go back to if the chosen direction does not prove successful.

・Share Your Process Process documentation provides ample material with which to communicate to a public audience the narrative of your work, the evolution of your ideas, and the morphology of materials and forms.

The keyword of this class is PROCESS. I'm trying to utilize this opportunity to visualize my process, how my idea improvs, how I gain knowledge, what I think at a certain moment, etc.


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